HOW? Analysis, modelling tools and data stories

Live measurement of assumptions & the identification of actionable insights


Inter - departmental disconnect

Past data is not used for future decisions

Irresponsible decision making

One dimensional prescribed view of data and assumptions

Insights get lost


Multiple macro and micro views of the same data

Advanced modelling and projection tools

Evidence based approach

Customised interaction with numbers at run time

Translates numbers to actionable insights


Insights and data stories need to be translated across departments in a language that is relevant, meaningful and optimal to that specific department

Data needs to be looked at holistically over time to identify trends and be able to project outcomes based on variable assumptions

In order to allow for quick, responsible and confident decision making, your interaction with data must be ableto support this

Fixed hypothetical models do not reflect reality Decision makers lose confidence in the model and their knee – jerk reactions negatively impact the big picture

With masses of data, important facts get overlooked Numbers need to be contextualised and synthesized into simple actionable insights