HOW? Advanced PowerPoint and Flash techniques

Interactive and systemised presentation of information and insights


Prescriptive format hinders thought process

Audiences get lost in information overload

Sender sends one way message to audience

Uncapitalised brand reinforcement opportunity

Insights are forgotten and underutilised


Our tools allow for free flowing navigation through networked ideas

Menu systems categorize and contextualise information

Interaction allows for a conversation between stakeholders

Consistent, professional and engaging presentations that enhance the brand image

Design, animations, triggers, and info – graphics aid information retention


Presenters are inhibited by predetermined thought patterns and slide layouts and cannot adjust their presentations to the needs of the audience at run time

Long linear formatted presentations tend to lose audiences and create linear lines of thought rather than an integration of free flowing ideas

Presentations that involve sending a one way message do not engage with audiences and allow for optimal relationship building between stakeholders

Presentations have massive potential to enhance and enforce your brand image to a captive audience

Presentations should be used as a visual canvas that enhance your communication message and go beyond simply reading off text slides

Chi Squared would like to introduce our premium offering, the Interactive Visual Interface Wall (iVi Wall).

Our brains are complex integrated information processing systems that create complex networks of ideas in a non-linear fashion. Chi Squared believes that when presenting information, we need to make use of tools that leverage and facilitate the non-linear functioning of our decision-making processes. For this reason, the traditional linear presentation format used in many PowerPoint presentations is ineffectual. To counteract this we havecreated the iVi Wall – business tool that allows you to lay out multiple sets of data and visual content simultaneously over an 8-screen, interactive multi-media “canvas”. This means you can compare different data points at once, easily extract trends and effectively build a cohesive, data-rich narrative that is easily absorbed and understood by your audience.

The iVi Wall is a multi-media application that uses proprietary software in combination with Adobe™ Flash to present your information,including video and audio content as well as interactive data-based applications. This unique medium effectively enables you to present your data, ideas and messages to your audienceand allows them to engage with you and each other during the presentation, thus promoting a free-flow of ideas and enabling decision-making processes.

What’s more is that the iVi Wall operates via an index-basedmenu system that allows you to add numerous layers to your presentation, which enables you to move in and out of your content easily and efficiently, which promotes a natural rhythm to the flow of your information and thus enticing a proactive engagement with your audience.

Finally, the iVi Wall is fully mobile. Either, a desktop version can be created of the 8 screens allowing users to simulate the 8-screen presentation on their desktops/laptops or you can hire our set of smaller 24” screens that you can easily take to your clients or set up for once-off presentations at your offices.

Click here to view our iVi wall.