Chi Squared grew out of a specialised business unit at one of South Africa’s leading advertising agencies, DRAFTFCB Johannesburg. Initially, the scope was to provide quantitative analytical support to the advertising strategic processes at DRAFTFCB, but quickly it was evident that there was large gap between the detail-orientated analyst and the big-picture creative thinkers.

As a result, the business unit began to explore ways in which to bridge this gap through data visualisation. It also became evident that in order to integrate data into the decision-making processes, users needed to be able to interrogate the data and to question assumptions easily and proactively.

We thus saw the opportunity to create interactive data and visualisation tools that compliment the world of fast-paced high-level decision making by finding the most efficient ways to relay information and data so that every stakeholder in the business can use it to drive their decision making processes.

Chi Squared is a visual analytics company that specialises in getting the relevant information to the people that matter.

During the development of these analytical and visualisation tools, it became evident that they exceeded the confines of advertising and marketing communication, and indeed, had a greater application across all industries and businesses.

Chi Squared thus evolved into a separate, manager-owned Visual Analytics company that specialises in data analysis, business process modelling, scenarios testing and strategic design. In this way we are not only able to translate your data into actionable insights, but are able to deliver these insights effectively to the people that matter.