HOW? Graphical User Interface (GUI) Dashboards

Visualise raw data, empower users to analyse data quickly and effortlessly


Multiple disconnected sources

Visualisation is one dimensional

Interdepartmental disconnect

Data too dynamic for static reports

Data Fog


Consolidates multiple sources into one tool

Multiple views of the same data

Macro big picture view with micro drill down options

Dynamic navigation through data fields at run time

Manage data with slice and dice tools


Inconsistency in findings and complexity creates analysis paralysis, hindering the true value of multiple sources

Analysis becomes inefficient and time consuming, revealing a prescriptive interpretation of data from the sender to the receiver The audience have limited interaction with the data if any

True integration of organisational specialisation cannot occur when insights are lost in translation between detail orientated analysts and big picture decision makers

Decision makers become slow to respond to opportunities and threats

Insights cannot be differentiated from facts, data becomes overwhelming and decision making becomes isolated from important figures and insights